Passionate About Inspiring Others

My passion is basketball and entertainment. I have always loved to make others smile and somehow use my God-given talent to impact and inspire people of all ages. When I became a Globetrotter, I knew that I was headed in the right direction. This is the moment when I realized the power of using my voice as well as my natural talent of playing basketball, performing and being charismatic. 

My life journey was not all peaches 'n cream. I had to learn to embrace adversity at every stage of my life. I wasn't ranked highly out of high school, I didn't play basketball at a top university, I was waived from the WNBA and cut from a team overseas. Despite these challenges, I knew that I was destined for success. Adversity is a way of making one resilient on your path to success. 

Being born from Nigerian parents, I saw the hardwork and effort they put into coming to America for a better opportunity. That hardwork and passion to pursue a dream inspired me to be the best that I could be and also transferring that energy and mindset to others.